We would like to urge all Safari Operators and Professional Hunters to take extra care when completing their documentation and registers. We all know that documentation is the last thing on your mind when you are trying to give your client the best hunt of his life. Please remember that it does not mean anything to the client when he had an excellent hunt, but his trophies are confiscated or delayed after the hunt, due to incomplete/illegal documentation.

The following is very important information to remember:


Always make sure that the PH Register is signed by all relevant parties. All conservation offices require the original to be signed before any Export permit will be issued.

No alterations on this document will be allowed by Limpopo Nature Conservation, not even if you sign next to your correction or write a letter to explain. Your documentation will still be handed over to investigations and this will either result in trophy confiscation or delays in export accompanied by a fine.

Please note that America requires Physical Addresses on the export permits. They do not allow any postal addresses on CITES export permits anymore. It is advised to have your client write his physical address instead of his postal address on his PH Register. This will help to have fewer requirements from the taxidermy to your client when preparing his export permits.


Always make sure that any hunting permit is signed by all relevant parties. The permit is not legal without signatures.

It is advised, if possible, to have the hunting permit before you commence with the safari. We all know in practice that this is not always possible. Hunting any animal without the required hunting permit is illegal and may result in having your client’s trophies confiscated and you may lose your permit to guide safaris.



• Valid P3-Exemption

• Permission to hunt


• Valid P3-Exemption

• Hunting rights to Outfitter

• Permission to hunt from you to your client

National and International requirements has to be met to ensure your client receives his trophies.