Important Notice

Exporting of Curio Items with Hunting Trophies

This is no longer a cheap and easy process to combine these items with your clients’ trophies. Please consider all details below before you encourage your client to buy any wooden products from a flea market or from vendors next to the road. If products are bought from these suppliers make sure you receive a detailed invoice on behalf of your client to present to your Taxidermy for export purposes.

 The following specifications are requirements of Fish and Wildlife, and should be taken VERY seriously:

  • DETAILED Invoice for the Curio items;
  • Fumigation Certificate (even for Finished Products for example a Table), since Fish and Wildlife will then not have any reason to stop it. (Better to be sure with Fish and Wildlife).  This certificate will be obtained by the Shipping Agent prior to shipment;
  • The Broker will also require the type of wood / scientific name of the wood;
  • Curio items incorporating animal products (shields or drums with skin on) MUST be permitted by Nature Conservation.  This permit can be obtained from Nature Conservation when the detailed invoice is produced (from a registered vendor).  If not permitted, it WILL BE CONFISCATED by Fish & Wildlife.

 There is a new(er) regulation that has been implemented by USDA/AGRI, called the Lacey Act.  Any wooden article valued over $2000.00 is subject to this regulation and the below form must be completed and sent to Customs at time of entry.  This is the responsibility of the Importer, however they will be relying on origin for the information.